It is strictly forbidden to take pictures or make any form of duplication by personal means such as mobile phone, camera, digital camera, handheld scanner, etc.

The library offers its users a service for the reproduction of documents within the limits permitted by copyright law, while also taking care to safeguard the patrimony of the library.

There are photocopying machines in the library. Prepaid copy cards can be purchased at the copy center (Centro Stampa).

The Copy Center (Centro Stampa)
A photocopying service for requests from off-site persons or institutions, or related to rare materials and special sizes, is provided by the agency BM Photo.

Inside the reading room there is also a microfiche and microfilm reader (both positive and negative, 16 and 35 mm sizes). Requests for prints and reproductions from this media will be processed through the photo lab.

A maximum of 15% of the work of modern printed books and photocopies can be reproduced. In the case of rare and out of print copies, proof of this status must be presented in order to copy beyond the 15% limit.

It is strictly prohibited to photocopy (while reproduction in the photo-lab is allowed):
– Books with the words “Escluso dalla fotocopiatura” (excluded from photocopying)
– Dictionaries, encyclopedias, theological commentaries, commentaries on the codes of canon law, collections of judicial proceedings of the Roman Rota, Enchiridion, and manuals of any kind.
– Bound volumes with a spine-width greater than 5 cm.
– Poorly preserved volumes, volumes kept in reserve.
– Any volume that in the opinion of the librarian should be excluded for reasons of preservation and protection

Materials for private study:
Materials requested for private study will be used only for private study. The recipient is committed:
– Not to duplicate the materials, even in formats other that receives received;
– Not to transmit the text to third parties;
– To respect the purpose for which the material is needed;
– To observe all national and international copyright laws and intellectual property rights.

Requests for other uses:
The library reserves the rights regarding the publication of books, images from books, articles or any other media in its ownership, as well as the cost. This right shall be issued for a specified period and is not transferable nor is it exclusive.