Most of the current journals in print, from the 1980’s until the present, are, with few exceptions, available to scholars on the 7th level of the reading room. The remainder are kept in storage yet available by request (using the form found at the reception desk). The cataloging of current journals is an ongoing process with the most up-to date index available to the scholar in pdf document consisting of the titles listed in alphabetical order together with the journal’s location. The library has a number of assets including subscriptions to journals in electronic format and scholarly databases. These electronic resources are accessible through AquaBrowser, from inside the folder entitled “Catalogs”, or directly from the A to Z index, or from the link “Electronic resources and databases.”

For each journal there exists at least one of the following:

  • A depository collocation code (for those journals kept in storage, either in whole or in part)
  • A reading room collocation code (for those journals available on the 7th level, usually from the 1980’s to the present)
  • A number for the exhibition box (for journals of the current year)

The journals of the current year are collected and made available to exhibitors in the appropriate box located the staircase wall, on each of the seven levels of the reading room, forming a “tower of knowledge” within which the current journals are divided into the following five sections :

  • Bibliography and Library Science (collocation code: 1; 1 – 1, 2, 3 etc…)
  • Philosophy and History (collocation code:2; 2 – 1, 2, 3 etc…)
  • Religion (collocation code:3; 3 -1, 2, 3 etc…)
  • Canon Law (collocation code:4; 4 -1, 2, 3 etc…)
  • Law and Social Sciences (collocation code:5; 5 -1, 2, 3 etc…)

To find the exhibitor code, search the electronic catalog or consult the pdf alphabetical journal index.

Below is another resource for finding journals, a description of the “tower of knowledge” with the exact location of the various exhibition boxes:

Finally from the link: National Collective Archive of Journals one can research the member institutions that have an archive of respective journals.