Pastoral ministry is an indispensable means by which Catholic students can, in fulfilment of their baptism, be prepared for active participation in the life of the Church; it can assist in developing and nurturing the value of marriage and family life, fostering vocations to the priesthood and religious life, stimulating the Christian commitment of the laity and imbuing every activity with the spirit of the Gospel.

– John Paul II, Ex Corde Ecclesia, 41


Fr. Mirko Integlia

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tel. 06 69886114


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Zacchaeus House Project

Office of Orientation and Tutoring

Research Projects: Scholarships Academic Year 2013/2014

– Monthly Eucharistic Adoration

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Study tour in London

Eucharistic Celebrations

The university chapel is always open for prayer and Eucharistic adoration. It is located at the right end of the corridor on the ground floor. Holy Mass is celebrated every day at 7:50 and 1:00, during particular periods of the liturgical season, such as Advent and Lent, Mass is preceded or followed by a moment of community prayer.