Dean: Prof. Manuel J. Arroba Conde

Established at the Pontifical Lateran University by Pius XI with the Breve Romanum Seminarium (30 September 1932), the Pontificium Institutum Utriusque Iuris consists of the Faculties of Canon Law and Civil Law, both previously established by Pius IX at the Roman Seminary when it was located in the Sant’Apollinare Palazzo.

The Institute is characterized by its in-depth study of Roman law, which is the source of both ecclesiastical law and civil legal systems, and its conviction that the study of the positive law of both Church and State must take into account the idea of universal justice, centered on a vision of the person that is in line with the Gospel.

Its creative fidelity to its history has led the Institute to update its program to meet current needs. For example, it has introduced a comparative perspective, which considers the various families of law and international law. The Institute publishes the journal Apollinaris, to which professors and important law scholars, such as Felipe Maroto, Arcadio Larraona, and Francesco Roberti, have contributed.


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