Dean: Prof. Gianfranco Basti

Tradition and Research

The Faculty of Philosophy is characterized by an Aristotelian-Thomistic tradition that recognizes the primacy of metaphysics in a continuous dialogue with the mathematical and natural sciences, in continuous research for the foundations of logic, anthropology, ethics, and religion.

The Faculty has boasted prestigious professors, including Enrico Fermi and Cornelio Fabro. The program of study has been enhanced along the lines drawn up by the Second Vatican Council, the Constitution Sapientia Christiana and the encyclical Fides et ratio. As is indicated in the University’s statutes, there is “the healthy pluralism of methods and schools, within the limits of the provisions of Articles. 38 and 39 of the Apostolic Constitution Sapientia Christiana “(Article 63). The Faculty has always valued encounters among specialists and consequently organizes International Conferences each year to welcome researchers from all over the world.

Aquinas is the official journal of the Faculty and boasts over fifty years of continuous publication (1958-2007). The journal publishes essays by professors both inside and outside the Faculty; among the latter are included Gustavo Bontadini, Joseph de Finance, Étienne Gilson, Johannes B. Lotz, Paul Ricoeur, Michele Federico Sciacca, and Sofia Vanni Rovigo.

Lesson Plan
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