Director: Prof. Vincenzo Buonomo

Established by the Holy See in 1853 for the study of law and jurisprudence, the Faculty of Civil Law is unique among Roman Pontifical Faculties. The educational program, which corresponds to the objectives and norms of the Apostolic Constitution Sapientia Christiana, prepares jurists capable of elaborating and interpreting the basic principles and different areas of the legal system with formation firmly rooted in the Christian vision. Moreover, this formative program fits into the panorama of university system offerings tied to the “Bologna Process”, which provides guidelines for the harmonization of different European educational systems.

In the tradition of the Institutum Utriusque Iuris, the instruction within the Faculty is distinguished by an emphasis on Ancient Law, Roman Law, the History of Law, and the various branches of existing law. It also offers a comparative study of contemporary law, taking into account the various juridic families: Roman-Germanic, Common Law, Islamic, and other experiences throughout the world, as well as the canonical system and Ecclesiastical Law. Particular attention is given to international law, that of international organizations, human rights, and law that governs the supranational processes of integration in the various continental areas.



Lesson Plan
– A.A. 2013/2014

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