Entry into the Library is granted to Lateran students with the use of the Smart Card, which must be inserted into the card reader located by the entrance upon entry and exit.

Visitors can obtain a temporary Smart Card by filling out an application form provided by the Circulation Desk and by presenting the necessary documentation.

Access to the John Paul II Reading Room is granted with the strict observance of Library norms.
Upon arrival, the student or visitor is required to show an ID to Library staff at the Circulation Desk and, after receiving a locker key, to deposit all bags and purses in the lockers located near the Library entrance.
Absolute silence must be observed in the Reading Room.
Neither food nor drink are permitted.
The use of cell phones is prohibited.

Only PUL students may bring their own books (a maximum of 3) into the Reading Room, provided that the student first fills out a form at the Circulation Desk, indicating the book’s title and author. Before leaving the Library, the student is required to present the slip and book to Library staff for verification of ownership.

After the consultation of materials located in the Reading Room, students and visitors are asked to leave them at the tables available for study and consultation. Library staff will reshelve the materials. Books from the Depositories must be returned to the Circulation Desk after consultation.

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